Kylie Jenner is one of the richest women in the world.

Who is Kylie Jenner

Kylie Kristen Jenner is a role model for the young people of the present day. She is a social media sensation and the world’s youngest female billionaire. She is a well-known character on social media and a businesswoman in her own right.

Kylie Jenner was born in Los Angeles in 1997. It is Kylie’s birthday on August 10.

Bruce Jenner is Kylie’s father, and Kris Jenner is her mother.

Kylie attended Canyon School, where she excelled academically and was a member of the school’s cheerleading squad. Ojai, California’s Laurel Springs School, was about to hand her diploma.

Biography of Kylie Jenner

Real Name Kylie Kristen Jenner

NickName Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Date of Birth August 10 1997

The zodiac sign Leo

Nationality American



Work Businesswomen, Model, and Media personality

Dating/Boyfriend, Cody Simoson (2011 to 2012), Tyga (2014 to 2017), and Travis Scott (2017 to present)

Marital status Married in 2017

Kid Stormi Webster

Net Worth $900 Million

Kylie Jenner Height

Kylie Jenner is a great role model for how a woman should strive to achieve her ideal body type; she stands at a perfect 5-foot-6 inches. She is a petite 55 kg, with a perfectly sculpted body. A 24-year-old woman, Kylie, Her natural hair and eye colors are brown and black, respectively.

Height 5ft and 6inches

Kylie Jenner Age

Kylie Jenner Age 24 Years

How much weight does Kylie Jenner put on?

Kourtney Kardashian-Jenner Body Mass Index (BMI): 55.

Figures of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Figure Beautiful

Kylie Jenner Career

Kylie’s television career began in 2007 with the reality series The Kardashians, in which she starred. After this series, Kendall Jenner and her younger sister Kylie Jenner collaborated with PacSun. When she was just 15 years old, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner started a clothing line called ‘Kendall & Kylie’. At the end of the first year, in 2013, she appeared in a music video for the first time. Kylie rebranded her company as kylie cosmetics in 2015. And released her first line of lip kits under the new name. She was the world’s most influential adolescent in 2019. In Forbes magazine lists her as a billionaire

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How Kylie Becomes a Social Media Personality?

Social media helped Kylie’s brand reach a new level of success. After gaining notoriety for her custom lip fillers in 2014, Kylie’s brand gained even more acclaim in 2015.

Kylie Jenner Self-Made Billionaire

She’s the world’s first female billionaire under the age of 21. Kylie Cosmetics is her business, and she recently launched Kylie skin, a skincare line.

Kylie Jenner enjoys posting pictures and videos of herself online. Every single day, she reaches out to the public and tells them about her new products.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2021

According to Forbes in 2019, Kylie is the youngest self-made billionaire in the United States. Currently, Kylie Jenner’s net worth in 2021 is $900 million.

Kylie Jenner’s estimated net worth for the year 2021 is $900 million

Parents of Kylie Jenner

Bruce Jenner the father of Kylie Jenner. He was born in Mount Kisco, New York. In 1970, he was the most adored sports star. Kylie’s parents broke up after year. Caitlyn Jenner came out as a woman in 2015 after Bruce Jenner came out as a man.

Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mother, is a native of San Diegan. Kris began staying at home with her family after graduating from college.

Parents of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Dad

Bruce Jenner, now known {Catylin Jenner}

Kylie Jenner’s Mother

Kris Jenner is a well-known reality television star.

Kylie Jenner as a child

Kylie Jenner is the most well-known Social Media star. All thanks to her stunning appearance. She’s always been beautiful and adorable. She has lip fillers and other cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.

After becoming a billionaire at a young age, Keeliye can command this attractive form in front of the public.

The husband of Kylie Jenner

The most talked-about couple in Kylie Jenner’s life is her relationship with Travis Scott. They has always been in the spotlight. Their relationship lasted for many years, and they were frequently photographed together even after they split in 2019. It has yet to be demonstrated. Whether or not they are married. Kylie and Travis’s daughter has kept them close. They care deeply about each other.

Kylie Jenner Cars

Kylie is a car nut on an entirely different level.

List of Kylie Jenner’s automobiles

The Range Rover Autobiography was her first car purchase, typically costing about $150,000.

Kylie purchased a Mercedes G63 V8 Biturbo AMG for $140.000. The interior of the car was painted red to match the exterior.

It is estimated that the price of the Ferrari 458 Italia is around $300,000. Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga, gave her this car as a birthday present on her 18th birthday.

Her favourite car is the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Fifth-generation Mercedes-Maybach Kylie’s 19th birthday present from Tyga was this car.

a Ferrari Spider price of about $275,000: her younger sister, Kendall, and she both purchased the same car model.

A custom-built Land Rover, number seven, Kylie got this car for her 19th birthday as a present for herself.

Travis Scott bought a limited edition black LaFerrari (F150) for Kylie Jenner as a gift.

Kylie’s Jenner Siblings

Including kylie, there are a total of eight siblings. Kylie’s siblings will be discussed here.


Brody Jenner [Half Brother]

Rob Kardashian [Older Brother]

Brandon Jenner [Older Half Brother}

Burt Jenner {Older Half Brother}


The elder half-sister, Casey Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian [Older Half-Sister]

Khloe Kardashian [Older Half-Sister]

Kendall Jenner is a reality television star.

Burt Jenner (ONE)

Birth Date of Burt Jenner September 6, 1978 (age 42)

Burt Jenner’s Parents of Burt Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner and Chrystie Scott

The profession of Burt Jenner businessman, West LA Dogs, and off-road racing

Marital Status of Burt Jenner Married

Children’s of Burt Jenner

He has two children.

Kourtney Kardashian (Two)

Birth Date of Kourtney Kardashian April 18, 1979 (41 years old)

Kourtney Kardashian’s Parents Kris Kardashian and Robert Kardashian.

The profession of Kourtney Kardashian is Model, Entrepreneur, Actor, Fashion Designer, T.V. Personality, Television producer, Socialite, and Businessperson.

Marital Status of Kourtney Kardashian Unmarried

Children’s of Kourtney Kardashian

He has three children.

Casey Janner (THREE)

Birth Date of Casey Janner June 10 1980 (age 40 years)

Casey Janner’s Parents are Caitlyn Jenner and Chrystie Scott.

Professional of Casey Janner Interior Designer

Marital Status of Casey Janner Married

Children’s of Casey Janner

She is blessed with 3 children.

Kim Kardashian (FOUR)

Birth Date of Kim Kardashian October 21, 1980 (40 years old)

Kim Kardashian’s Parents Kris Kardashian and Robert Kardashian.

Professional Kim Kardashian Adult Model, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, T.V. Personality, Television producer, Socialite, and Businessperson.

Marital Status of Kim Kardashian Married

Children’s of Kim Kardashian

She has three children.

Brody Jenner (FIVE)

Birth Date of Brody Jenner August 21, 1983 (age 37)

Brody Jenner’s Parents

Caitlyn Jenner, Linda Thompson

The profession of Brody Jenner is television, personality model, and disc jockey.

Marital Status of Brody Jenner Married.

Children’s of Brody Jenner

No Rush for children.

Khloe Kardashian (SIX)

Birth Date of Khloe Kardashian June 27, 1984 (36 years old)

Khloe Kardashian’s Parents Kris Kardashian and Robert Kardashian.

Professional of Khloe Kardashian

Model, Actor, Television Presenter, Author, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Film Designer, Film Producer, T.V. Personality, Television producer, Radio personality, Novelist Producer

Marital Status of Khloe Kardashian Unmarried

Children’s of Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has one girl child.

Rob Kardashian (SEVEN)

Birth Date of Rob Kardashian March 17, 1987.

Rob Kardashian Parents Kris Kardashian and Robert Kardashian.

The profession of Rob Kardashian is Model, Businessperson, Socialite, and T.V. Personality.

Marital Status of Rob Kardashian Unmarried

Children’s of Rob Kardashian

He has 1 baby child.

Brandon Jenner (EIGHT)

Birth Date of Brandon Jenner June 4 1981 (age 40 years)

Brandon Jenner’s Parents

Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson

The profession of Brandon Jenner is Musician, T.V. Personality and Socialite.

Marital Status of Brandon Jenner Married

Children’s of Brandon Jenner

Blessed with 3 children.

Kylie Jenner, Daughter

Travis Scott fathered one child with Kylie Jenner. Webster Stormi is the name of her daughter. In Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, the United States, Stormi was born on February 1, 2018. Stormi was an adorable young lady.

Five days after her birth, Stormi made her first appearance on social media. She has her little hand wrapped around Jenner’s finger in the Instagram photo.

Kylie Jenner Instagram

She has over 239 million Instagram followers, 38.5 million Twitter followers, 3.2 million Facebook fans, and 1.9 million Snapchat fans.

Instagram 239 Million Followers

Twitter 38.5 Million Followers

Youtube 3.2 Million Followers

Snapchat 1.9 Million Followers

Kylie Jenner is the most prominent social media star under the age of twenty-one. Her antics were shared on her social media accounts, which she used to promote her business (KYLIE COSMETICS).

Kylie Jenner is the first member of her immediate family to reach 200 million Instagram followers.

She is a leading voice for young women. Who aspire to be self-sufficient and successful in their careers and personal lives.

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