How to move things to another city? Ways and nuances

When moving, it is necessary to plan the process competently. At a minimum, you need to make a list of things to be taken away, pack them securely and carefully deliver them to the place. If you need to move to another city, rather than to a new apartment across a couple of streets, you should approach the organization of transportation carefully. Conflicts with the company-carrier, crumpled boxes, spoiled property, no one wants. An excellent choice would be the company myoctopusmoving, they present a training before hiring, turning to them you get professional service.

Ways of transporting things

Passenger car or car with a trailer

If you do not have large items or furniture, then use a passenger car with a roomy trunk or a car with a trailer to move. You can save on transportation by using services for finding a hitchhiker. Many of these sites indicate the type of car, so you can estimate the size and capacity of the vehicle in advance. Do not forget to write to the driver that you will not only travel as a passenger, but also carry things.

Container transportation

This type of transportation is suitable for large-sized cargo. Even a car can be delivered in a container, not to mention all the furniture. Containers come in a variety of capacities, which are usually measured in feet. A special box is secure: it is sealed and printed in front of you. The price for container shipping is fixed and does not depend on how much stuff is inside. Boxes are transported by land, water and air. Inside the container, things can be zoned.

Cargo truck

If the volume of things transported is not as small as for a passenger car, but also not as large as for container transportation, it is more logical to use trucks. A transportation company can offer both the services of movers and cargo insurance. In terms of cost this method is optimal when you need to deliver a relatively small amount of furniture, appliances and personal belongings from one point to another.

The nuances of transporting things

  1. You need to carefully choose a transportation company. It is understandable that when moving you want to save some money. However, you should not immediately prefer the cheapest offer on the market. You do not want the refrigerator and sofa to arrive in the new city with defects? Of course, the budget proposal does not mean bad. But the bottom line is this: if other companies offer about the same price for the same service, and one company gives too low a price and it is not a promotional offer, then something is probably wrong. What should you pay attention to besides the price in order to choose a trucking company carefully? The main factors are: the condition of the trucks, the presence of positive reviews about the company, the experience of the drivers. In this case, initially note the level of service from the first call. Important: Sign a contract with the transportation company.
  2. Consider the option of cargo insurance. Emergencies may happen through no fault of the insurance company. If your shipment includes valuable or expensive items, we recommend that you take out additional insurance. Carrier companies usually have an agreement with an insurance company, so there is no need to bother with it once again.
  3. You should think about how many boxes and other packaging will be needed for transportation, but you can forget about this point if you contact Octopus Moving Company, they will pack your shipment themselves. Scotch tape, polyethylene with “bubble wrap”, cardboard sheets, colorful markers, stickers, and large-capacity garbage bags will definitely come in handy. Pay attention to the capacity of the boxes. To transport clothes from the closet directly on hangers, you can use special shipping boxes made of cardboard, which have holes inside for hooks. More