7 Fashionable Christmas Gifts to Buy for the Man In Your Life

Is Christmas gift shopping one of those things that cause you stress and anxiety? Do you find yourself struggling to come up with perfect gift ideas each year and then you procrastinate until the last minute? Waiting until the last minute means you will be fighting the crowds, your options have been picked over and dwindled and your stress level likely increases.

If you’ve got a special guy in your life who loves to look great and fashionable, then we’ve got a way you can break the cycle of stress. Here are seven fashionable Christmas gift ideas that will make it possible for you to shop early and then enjoy the holiday season for a change.

In the Market for a Blazer – Opt for Double Breasted

For the man who wears a blazer in the workplace, it’s always nice to get a new one and update the wardrobe. But before you choose the traditional style, there is another cut that is trending for winter 2022/23, and that is the double-breasted blazer.

While people often make the assumption this is a boxier design, that’s not always the case. Some designers are giving the double-breasted blazer a fitted look, pulling it in at the waist slightly. Both the traditional straight-lined and the more streamlined styles are trending, the key is the double-breasted detailing.

As for the trending colours, there is more creative freedom here as you can go with a basic neutral, a bright bold colour, or even a pattern.

Military Wear Is Ideal for Casual Weekend Wear

If your special guy already has an impressive work wardrobe, why not pick him up a piece or pieces that can be worn on the weekend? In terms of men’s fashion trends, military wear is very hot at the moment and is versatile in that it includes a variety of different pieces. Just look at men’s fashion trends and you’ll see pieces like the bomber jacket, chinos, field jackets, and vests popping up everywhere.

They have a very casual vibe to them and can be mixed with just about anything. Military wear has a rough and masculine quality about it that can add interest to just about any outfit. As well, military wear tends to be neutral colours, which helps with mixing and matching.

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Sweater Vest

When you hear the words “sweater vest” and your mind automatically goes to something your grandpa would wear, it’s time to think again. Sweater vests are proving very hot right now, but with an updated look. Look for sweater vests in bold colours, interesting prints, fitted, or oversized. The idea is that the sweater vest adds personality to the outfit and can become the star of the show.

Not a Fan of Sweater Vests – How About a Cardigan?

While sweater vests have been modernised and are very fashionable at the moment, maybe it’s still not an item you think the guy in your life would embrace. If not, the next best option in terms of high fashion is cardigans. This is a piece that never truly goes out of style; rather, it just looks a bit different each year.

Dress Shirts with a 70s Touch

Do you remember what men’s dressy clothes were like in the 1970s? Well, it seems like all things old are new again because also trending are dress shirts with oversized collars. The larger and pointier the collar, the more stylish it is as it will feel more authentic. These can be worn in the office or for a night out on the town, so in terms of versatility, it checks off all the boxes.

Leather Is Proving to be the “In” Fabric of the Season

It’s not just about trending styles, there are also trending fabrics. This winter is all about leather, which has found its way on several designer runways. Choose from leather pants, short jackets, long coats, vests, boots, shoes, gloves, and hats. Ultra-fashionable men may also want to layer the leather they wear for an edgy vibe.

Scarves Act as the Perfect Accessory

Maybe you are looking for a fashionable accessory to gift the man in your life, and if that’s the case scarves are ideal. Even though it’s winter, opt for lightweight materials, as these are considered stylish right now. Opt for something bright such as a rich colour or a fun print, as it adds life to the face in the depth of winter. It also helps bring interest to their outfit.

You Can Go Wrong with Any of These Pieces

The good news is that no matter what items you pick on this list, all are fashionable and all will bring something to his wardrobe. Many of these can also be mixed and matched, making it possible for you to gift him with a full outfit. More