Best prank you can do on your husband

A relationship is a thing, which always has many ups and downs, and it’s not in your hand what you want in your relationship. But what is in your hand, you can revive or have that fun and happiness in your relationship, which many couples miss out from their relationship. That thing which many people do not try to bring back in their relationship. But what you can do, you can try your best that the fun and happiness from your relationship never went out, so you need to get it back. If you want this thing, then you know what you can do, you can do a prank on your husband also. If this thing you do with your husband, then the spark which you think is missing from your relationship, comes back in your relationship with a great boost. Because if this time you do a prank on your husband, then your husband also thinks that he also needs to do some prank on you. So think about that prank, which you think that you can do on your husband.


Basic words to the opposite

You know people nowadays are people who like to talk more on chats, rather than on call. Because whatever things the person wants to write, the person has to write some amount of it. You can also use this idea to order birthday gifts online if you are confused about gifts.  Ok so now let’s focus on pranks, after that, the phone automatically writes that word or sentence, which your husband or any other person wants to write. So what you can do, you can plan your prank towards this thing also. So what you can do, you can change the basic words to the opposite words. So when your husband tries to write something, then what is going to happen. What happens is that your husband writes exactly the opposite of that thing which he wants to write. When these things happen, then your husband may think, about how it can be done. So these basic words to the opposite is a thing, which prank you can use to do with your husband.


Soda shower

If your husband is a person who likes to drink juice or any other drink from the bottle. Then what you can do, can change the thing inside the bottle with the soda. So what is going to happen with your husband, when your husband is gone drinking the juice. So when he opens the bottle, then he may have that soda shower, which he doesn’t have in his entire life. So this soda shower prank, you can have with your husband also.


Hot sauce doughnut


Everyone in this world knows that doughnuts are a food that can be anything, but it can not be spicy or hot. You can send roses online with hot sauce doughnuts to your husband also. But what you can do for your husband, you can make that doughnut for him. Which is filled with the hot sauce inside it. So when your husband eats this hot sauce doughnut, then he has tears in his eyes. Because your husband never expected that, the doughnut can be that chilly and hot. So that is why you make this doughnut for your husband and ask him to eat it. Then the reaction, which you get from your husband, that reaction you never get from him in your entire life, after eating any food. So do this hot sauce doughnut prank on your husband.

Cat behind

Everyone knows that, when a person gets this thing in his or her mind, that someone is behind him or her, then that person gets very scared from that thing. So what you can do, you can take the advantage of this thing, and you pretend the things are just like that, your husband feels like a cat is behind him, and that cat comes behind him everywhere he goes. Whether for this thing, you do not need to use anything special, you can do this thing with the simple cat voice also. So do this cat behind your prank on your husband.

The prank you want to do on your husband, but you know this thing is never going to be easy for you or any wife. Because she has that fear, whether if I do any prank with my husband, then he may get angry with me, if the prank he doesn’t mind is funny. So all these things are in your mind also,  and you plan your prank according to it also. So that you do not need to get or face any type of harsh thing when you do a prank on your husband.

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