15 Colorful Flowers For Your Spring Garden!

Flowers signify beauty in their purest, most pristine form and are one of life’s simplest joys.

Nothing beats a vase of flowers, a field of wildflowers, or the aroma of a fragrant arrangement for adding a splash of color to your living area.

People travel long distances to see seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms in Japan or tulips in the Netherlands. Order flowers online and add beauty to your living space.





The iris blossom appears to have been painstakingly crafted by a competent artisan. Splashes of blue, purple, yellow, and white create an exquisite composition that is very memorable.





The bird-of-paradise gets its name because it looks like a vividly colored bird with flying wings and a thin body. The remarkable “wingspan” is made up of vibrant oranges, reds, and blues that come alive in the sunlight.





One of the most stunning vistas nature has to give is a vivid red and orange marigold placed against a lush green landscape. The golden brilliance of the blossom becomes even more amazing as you get closer. The ridges, the petals, the rich yet subtle color changes, and the cornucopia of forms all contribute to the uniqueness of the flower.





Due to its unusual form and striking color combinations.

Many flowers use gradients and highlights to mix colors, but the orchid has its own set of principles. The beautiful hues are arranged in random and crazy ways, yet the end effect is always stunning.



Cherry Blossom


Although the cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower, it is adored worldwide. The delicate petals are a lovely sight to see up close, but the blooms’ true beauty is shown from a distance. When you see thousands of blossoming cherry blossoms on a tree, you feel as if you’ve been transported to another world.





Azaleas are more of a blooming bush than a single flower, making them a superb colorful and fragrant alternative to a bigger and more structured shrub. They bloom in various hues in the spring ranging from pink to yellow and everything in between. They’re also highly shade resistant, allowing them to thrive in low-light environments where many other flowering plants can’t.





Zinnia petals are feathery, like a colorful bird flaunting its plumage.

They’re simple to grow in full sun since they sprout in days (and blossom in weeks) with well-drained soil and heat during the summer months. Zinnias make a vibrant bouquet on their own, with hues ranging from deep crimson to bright yellow.





Many people consider lilacs to be one of their favorite flowers. The flower’s royal appearance is enhanced by the vivid purple hue and exquisite white outlining, and the extended petals contribute to the presentation’s originality.





Dahlias are among the richest and bright flowers you’ll discover, coming in various hues from pink to red to orange and white. Some dahlia petals feature magnificent color gradients, such as vibrant reds that fade to delicate whites or gorgeous purples that lighten from stem to tip.



 Water Lily


The dazzling colors almost appear to have their light, and the blossom has a rare beauty and symmetry. Send flowers online to your mother and surprise her.





It’s almost as though the lotus isn’t real. The petals are nearly symmetrical in size, and the highlighted tips provide a lot of depth and character. The brilliant tones of pink and white emanate from the outward-reaching petals, while the golden stamen in the middle acts as a focal point that ties the whole thing together.





Peonies are aromatic flowers with huge, fluffy blooms. Depending on the kind and environment, they bloom between April and June. While pink peonies are the most popular, they can come in various colors ranging from white to red coral to yellow. Peony cultivars have a broad range of scents, with some being sweet and others being citrusy.





With their typical round yellow center and multi-petal white surrounding form, Daisies are one of the most common flowers (also accurately referred to as the common daisy), but that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous. They grow in large numbers in grassy areas.





Anemones, sometimes known as wildflowers, are brilliantly colored and grow in clusters on individual stalks. They’re easy to cultivate and belong to the buttercup family, so they have the characteristic single-layer petal appearance.





Hydrangeas are large orb-like flowers that come in various hues, ranging from pink to blue and everything in between, and grow as a shrub in full sun. Each bloom may be clipped for flower arrangements; however, they blossom upwards rather than outwards!

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