Your Real Estate Business can grow with PropStream CRM

Any realtor now needs real estate software. PropStream has proven to be one of the most effective platforms we have seen in a long time. Known as an all-in-one real estate tool, PropStream has something for every real estate industry, including tools for real estate agents, realtors, and investors. As a powerful platform that integrates automation and time-saving features, PropStream can be used quite effectively as a fully functional CRM system to manage your real estate business.

Several features to choose from

Its generous set of features is one of the benefits of PropStream. Its primary feature is the creation and viewing of targeted property lists. Multiple streams of MLS data are used to build the platform, which allows you to sort and filter a wide variety of property types, including early foreclosures, Involuntary liens, expired listings, and many others.

PropStream’s ability to use strategic and automated tools to facilitate tracking with prospects and clients goes hand in hand with this ability to build targeted asset lists. Through the platform, you can send customized emails to leads, prospects, and previous customers, set intervals for emails so you don’t lose contact with them, and ultimately build relationships that help you sell more homes.

A mobile connection on the go

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to keep the economy in check. Since so much of the work in the financial services industry involves moving from one workplace to another, finding tools that will enable them to do their jobs even when they are not there is a challenge. Thanks to PropStream, this problem has been fixed by developing a mobile app that allows you access to the many features provided to you from wherever you are.

There are more features to PropStream than just school-only features. This software has common features for real estate agents on the go, such as log drives to prevent repetitive trips over the same country when searching for properties, and filters to use with your phone’s built-in GPS to help find properties. It’s a trend we expect to see more of in the future – high-value real estate CRMs must be mobile-enabled.

The PropStream Price

Is all this work costing you anything? Despite what you might think, joining this full team of workers is much less expensive. PropStream charges $ 99 per month for its basic service and offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers to evaluate its value. Through this access, users can access PropStream’s online and mobile apps, its national value data, leading filters, county records, and MLS comps, as well as its affiliate marketplace.

As well as these key features, PropStream offers optional add-ons such as its List Automator service, which provides access to services like viewing the daily list. Starting at a new $ 27 a month, you will get 2,000 properties, list import and add capabilities, as well as skip tracing services for each property. There is also a Team Member service group for large offices starting at just $ 20 per month, which includes PropStream and up to 5 team members per account up to entry-level and navigation clearance.

Final thoughts on PropStream

PropStream has a lot to say about the real estate technology platforms that are moving forward. Scalable pricing allows users to pick and choose their investment level at the threshold, making it the ideal solution for agents looking to control costs. Note, however, that some customers, such as those who send email or postcards, are not covered under these registration fees, and an additional fee may be charged; for example, $ 0.02 per email sent.

PropStream is a solid option for any real estate business looking for real estate CRM integrationsthat will help them engage with customers and serve customers effectively.

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