Ways to foster digital citizenship in schools

Teachers, school administrators, and those who work in education take on an important role in society. One of the single most imperative tasks that all school officials should do is prepare their students for the digital world. Teaching kids to be good digital citizens is part of any effective school curriculum.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is a commonly used term in the modern world today. Simply put, it means the ability to use computers and other forms of technology responsibly. This applies to adults. It also applies to children. Children need a lot of special guidance as they grapple with what it means to be a digital citizen in the world in front of them.

Start Early

Today, children are introduced to the world of technology at a very early age. Many parents offer their children access to varied forms of technology starting as early as preschool or even before then. 

Teachers can help students understand concepts such as using technology in classrooms from the very start. Even kindergarteners can learn to work with varied kinds of technology. As children grow older, they can do 3rd grade biography projects that help them explore this world even further.

Recognize Achievement

All kids love having their efforts recognized and appreciated. That’s one job that every teacher can do for their students. Create a course based on mastering all sorts of concepts related to digital citizenship. Use effective, proven tools for your classroom technology management such as Adobe Education Exchange that are easy for students to use and work closely with.

Use in Class School Time

Classroom management is where any teacher can take the lead and teach kids simultaneously. It is often possible to carve out time to help students become better at using varied types of technological devices. 

Use the time after lunch to capture and keep student attention. Set up time at least twice a month to cover this topic during school hours. Students and teachers alike can use this time to discuss varied topics related to technology on an ongoing basis.

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Get Parents Involved

Parents are a child’s first teachers. Parental involvement in teaching children to become better digital citizens can make a difference. Reach out to parents and let them know that you have the resources they need to help their children become full fledged digital citizens. 

However, parents are often curious about the best ways to help their students learn about the proper use of technology when a child is at home and in school. Sending homework assignments directed at kids and parents can help clarify matters and answer parental concerns.

Modern citizenship takes on varied meanings. Help your students take their place as well educated members of society in every way.

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