Trophy Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you planning for an award ceremony? If yes, then familiarize yourself with common mistakes people make when choosing awards, and avoid them. It’s worth it to recognize talent with an award or medals. This incredible recognition motivates those receiving the awards and the attendees of the special occasion. Consequently, these awards will constantly remind the custodians of the importance of hard work, and they will always look forward to experiencing that special moment again. Therefore, you should always be keen when presenting these awards by reducing errors that may significantly reduce the value of these awards and medals.


Avoid the outlined mistakes whenever you are choosing or presenting an award.

1.    Misspelled Words or Names

A simple mistake can ruin a prestigious award. It can be embarrassing to represent a misspelled award to the recipient. It can be even worse if you notice the error when it’s too late and you have no time to correct it. So, it’s crucial to double-check the spellings of each name and any other important information written on the award. Check each once the awards arrive to ensure correct spellings of names and words. By doing so, you’ll identify the errors and correct them on time.

2.    Broken/ Damaged Awards

It would be best to avoid the last-minute rush by ordering your awards early enough. It can be a week or so before the handing-over ceremony. You will get time to open the reward and check any damage, which is rare, but it can happen during shipment. Suppose one award happens to be damaged or broken. In that case, you will have enough time to order a replacement by contacting EDCO, a number one awards company, for your immediate replacement of award plaques.

3.    Wordy Information on the Award

Avoid too many words on the trophy. Simple information like “Best Salesperson for 2022” is enough information. On the contrary, if you would like a longer message on the trophy, consider having a wall plaque or an award with enough space to write your entire message.

4.    Cheap or Tacky Awards

Taking a cheap route can lessen the award’s worth because they are special lifetime recognition. Awards portray excellence for competitors to admire, and business awards come in different acrylic, crystal, and glass styles. These classic trophy styles make lovely presentations in corporate settings and other award ceremonies. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality awards because the recipient will have and cherish them for years. Again, don’t pay too simply because an award looks fantastic. Go around and do price checks of similar awards to ensure you pay a fair price.

5.    Failure to Match the Award with the Accomplished Achievement

Whenever you choose an award, ensure it matches the achievement you want to appreciate. The recognition you choose should make the recipient proud to show his family, friends, and even workmates. For instance, you should not award a 40-year-old recipient a small desk trophy because that person is almost retiring. Instead, create an attractive plaque that the recipient will hang around within their homes once they retire.

6.    The Weight of the Trophy

The weight of the trophy sends a powerful message to the recipient regarding what they’ve achieved. When buying a trophy, ensure it has the right weight because too light a trophy may make the recipient feel like a kid’s toy. Equally, it’s crucial to ensure the trophy is not too heavy for the recipient to lift. However, a significantly heavy trophy portrays the value of the recipient.

7.    Trophy Size

Trophy’s size matters a lot when it comes to recognition. Consider choosing the sizes which will distinguish between positions one, two, and three. For instance, you should give the position one a bigger trophy because they have achieved more. It can be demoralizing for top achievers to receive the same trophy size.

8.    Design and Color

Color and design are essential aspects you should put in mind when buying a trophy. Ensure the color you choose blends well with the event. It shouldn’t be dark, nor shouldn’t it be too light to engrave the writing, making it invisible. Avoid common design to make the recipient feel appreciated uniquely.


Trophies serve an essential purpose when it comes to appreciation. However, people can only fulfill this purpose if they consider the above factors. Also, buy your trophies from a reputable shop to get high-quality trophies.

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