The 8 benefits of Microsoft Consulting in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest and greatest ERP from Microsoft. A software that has an infinity of benefits for companies. If you already have the tool, now you need to know how to implement it.

Don’t waste your investment! If what you want is to make the most of the features of Business Central, you need professionals who know how to advise and guide your company so that it achieves all its goals.

  1. Personalized attention

Every business is different. From the size, through the type of service you offer, to the established business objectives.

When looking for a computer consultancy, make sure that it guarantees a service that adapts to the needs, ways of working and culture of your company. Always demand differentiated treatment.

  1. Adaptive Deployment

An implementation of Business Central is useless if it is not adapted to the needs of your company. Remember! BC modules can fit your business like a glove.

A good consultancy requires professionals who understand what your company needs and who, based on careful study, know how to adapt the functionalities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and scale them as your company grows.

  1. Specialized advice

What better than having a team of consultants with experience in the IT sector and business software?

Put your trust in professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the functionalities and technical characteristics of business management systems.

  1. Continuous learning

“Knowledge is power,” said Francis Bacon. Like everything in life, to do something well, we need to learn how to do it. This learning is achieved from the experience that other professionals can transmit to us.

Go hand in hand with professionals who are committed to the objectives of your company and who teach you, like good mentors, to take advantage of all the advantages of Business Central.

→ How to train in Microsoft Dynamics? Get to know our offer!

  1. Optimization of the areas of your company

Business Central can help you with financial management, supply chain control, and customer service, among many other things.

A consultancy will allow you to control all these aspects of your business efficiently. Optimize the work of your employees and increase your competitiveness in the market.

  1. Risk reduction

Sometimes understanding the language of Business Central can be a bit complex, right?

Don’t expose your business to unnecessary risks! (such as data loss or security breach). Don’t worry about all the technical aspects of BC and put yourself in the hands of experts.

  1. Cost reduction

Now more than ever it is essential to capitalize on your company’s income and not waste it.

Reduce the resources allocated to the IT department and say goodbye to expenses caused by administrative errors.

  1. Tracking service

Trust the professionals who will make the management of your company go smoothly. A team of professionals at your service whenever you need it

Your time is worth a lot. A consultancy in Business Central has, as its main objective, freeing you from tedious tasks so that you can focus on what really matters: the future of your company.

How is our computer consulting service different?

Our consultancy is much more than a service. At Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) is best Microsoft consulting firm and have best and experienced SharePoint development team, we treat each of our clients as part of our extended family. We want you and your company to achieve all your goals.

Let us guide you, step by step, on the path to success.

3 Reasons to Hire a Microsoft Consulting

  1. Microsoft Consulting Experience

For example, we at Smart Consulting have been consulting on Microsoft solutions for 18 years. In this period we developed hundreds of projects and probably analyzed a few thousand scenarios or business challenges.

These projects and consultancies generate the intellectual capital that we use to analyze your business challenges and propose new solutions.

Implementing an IT project, or more broadly, digital transformation, is not just about developing software. To be successful, consulting work is crucial. It is necessary to analyze, analyze the challenges of the business and processes, understand the needs of internal and external customers, question, think of solutions and only after that, develop the software. Comprehensive digitization projects often change the company’s own culture and way of doing business.

  1. Microsoft Consulting Specialization

To do something well, it takes a lot of study, dedication and practice. This requires specialization. For example, no one sees a competitive soccer team playing soccer, volleyball, or basketball.

Usually, companies cannot count on an internal team of specialists in each area. This internal team will know a lot about the company’s business, but when implementing a new solution, this will probably be their first experience.

The team will have to learn this new solution and will not have experience from other projects/situations. In other words, there will be a longer learning curve, more risks and doubts, which will imply more time, cost and pressure for the team.

By hiring a specialized consultancy, the company will add experience to its team. The consultancy will also facilitate the learning process of the internal team and allow for richer discussions, bringing experience from other scenarios. Even during the sustaining phase, it is important to rely on external consulting in order to bring new ideas and updates.

We at Smart Consulting specialize in consulting and implementing Microsoft solutions. That is, every day, dozens of consultants work with Microsoft solutions, in dozens of projects, learning, consulting, creating solutions and developing software.

  1. Methodology and Process

Without a methodology, the results are unpredictable. In our consulting and software development work, we use methodologies that define the process to be followed: steps, controls, standards, etc.

In most cases, we use a hybrid methodology, which combines aspects of traditional and agile methodologies, seeking to use the best of each approach.

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