Places to visit in New York City

The US East Coast has one of the largest cities in the world – New York, a city of contrasts. It has become home to a population of nineteen million (more than Washington , the country’s capital), and hosts a large number of tourists every year. New York today is one of the world centres in the economic, commercial, cultural and entertainment spheres. If you decide to go to New York, you will definitely not be bored.



New York on the US map is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southeast of the state of the same name. New York is bordered by the states of Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Canada to the north. By the way, the city, relatively European, is young – was founded at the beginning of the 17th century and was called New Amsterdam, in honour of one of the cities in the homeland of the colonialists. In addition to part of the continent, the city of New York has some islands:



Ellis Island


The coordinates of the city are 40 ° north latitude and 74 ° west longitude. The low-latitude position makes the climate in New York subtropical oceanic. Summer is quite hot here – from about the end of May to September, the temperature stays above 20 degrees, often rising above 30 degrees. Autumn in New York is also quite warm and mild, just like spring. But in winter, subzero temperatures are common with frequent deviations from the norm, in addition, snow falls and blizzards are possible even until April.


Districts of New York City:



New York, if not the most expensive city, is definitely included in this list, like Hollywood , Las Vegas. So if you want to save money, book tickets and hotels in advance, compare prices on websites. For example, an independent tour or a ticket for the New Year in 2017-2018 for a week will cost about $ 1700-1800 for two, this includes a round-trip flight and hotel reservation.


You can try to find cheaper hotels in New York. The lowest price for a double room will be around $ 76 per night. But this is on holidays, if you decide to visit the city on weekdays, then the cost of living will cost half the price, you can even find a hotel in the city centre.


It is important to remember that it is better to make a reservation in advance, otherwise there may simply be no seats. So, how much a trip to New York costs will mainly be determined by its dates (holidays, weekends, and seasons are taken into account).



New York landmarks


The main attractions are located in Manhattan. Here you will find Broadway, Rockefeller Centre, Fifth and Madison Avenues, Time Square, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum and many others. This city offers a wealth of entertainment, from night walks and shopping to cultural and spiritual enrichment. What to visit: Macy’s shopping centre or the Brooklyn Museum – it’s up to you, of course. I’ll tell you about the most interesting places in New York City.


American Museum of Natural History. At first glance, not the most obvious attraction, but worth your attention. This museum complex, dedicated to natural history, is located in Manhattan and includes several thematic zones – the hall of mammals of Africa, the hall of lizard-like dinosaurs, the hall of African people.



Brooklyn Museum. Perhaps this is one of the largest art museums in the United States. The Brooklyn Museum has a huge number of exhibits, which include ancient finds from Egypt, paintings by French Impressionists, modern art, a sculpture garden and much more. The interior of the museum will also not be left without attention – each hall is equipped with living quarters of different eras.



Brooklyn museum


Statue of Liberty. A gift from France to the city in honour of the anniversary of the declaration of independence. The sculpture depicts a woman holding a torch in one hand and tablets in the other. Be sure to take a souvenir photo with this world famous symbol.


Central and Pennsylvania stations of the city. The first is one of the oldest and most famous, and the second is considered the busiest. The central one includes 44 platforms and 67 paths, which are located on two levels. Pennsylvania – 11 platforms and 21 tracks. From here, trains leave for Washington, Philadelphia , Chicago, etc. Even if you are not going to go anywhere, I highly recommend visiting them. Central Station is a building with beautiful architecture and interior decorations.



Central station


Interesting fact! There for many years there was a “secret” platform 61, which was once used to transport Franklin Roosevelt to a hotel.


Time Square. “Crossroads of the world” – that’s what the Americans themselves call Time Square. By the way, it received its official name from the New York Times newspaper, since the editorial office of this publication was located in the centre of Manhattan for many years. There are television studios, well-known companies, shows and parades are held, the population comes here to celebrate the New Year. In addition, there are many restaurants, bars and cinemas on the square. Ideal for a night out.


Metropolitan Museum. A stunning museum with one of the largest and richest collections in the world. The scale of the exposition covers objects of ancient civilizations and modern art. The museum is divided into 19 thematic zones, each exhibit is accompanied by an information plate with a description in English.





Metropolitan museum


It is impossible to add a description of all the sights of the city in a small article, I have described the most interesting in my opinion. I will give a list of other, no less interesting places and excursion routes in New York:


Solomon Guggenheim Museum;the popular tourist route of the Staten Island Ferry (of course, this is a regular passenger ferry, but it’s free, and you will have great views of Manhattan and Brooklyn);

Coney Island (a small peninsula with perhaps the most popular beaches in New York);


What you can see from this numerous list is up to you. By the way, if you get tired of wandering the streets of this city, pay attention to the cities near New York. For example, visit the city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America. It does not border the state of New York, but is 3-4 hours away by train or NYC car service nearby..


Besides him, I advise you to pay attention to the city of Philadelphia (the capital of Pennsylvania). And, of course, visit Niagara Falls , which is located in the state of New York. You can go there by bus, car, plane or train. By the way, if you are bored with excursions, just walk around the city, looking at the houses and their architecture.





When planning a trip to New York State, take care of the little things, for example, download yourself a map of New York to drive in the coordinates of the desired place and follow the ready-made route. If your package or tour does not include a transfer to the hotel, you can use the map to find where to stay. By the way, on the map you can mark the sights that you want to visit.



Study the calendar for the coming days of rest, maybe the city will host interesting festivals and exhibitions. If you do not have time to plan your own city routes, you can buy a tour of New York accompanied by a guide in Russian. At the airport, you can rent livery service yourself and drive around the nearest states or, if you have time, along the east coast, for example.




New York City Code: +1/212 (United States Code / Area Code). This combination is relevant for calls from mobile phones.


And once again I want to note important, in my opinion, information. If you would like to visit the city on holidays, weekends or this popular time of the year, book your hotel in New York in advance , because crowds of tourists from all over the world flock here. Of course, you will not be left without housing – you can always rent an apartment, a place in a hostel or a hotel room, but this can be much more expensive.




An incredible living city that never sleeps – that’s how New York can be described. It is probably impossible to cover his entire life, both in one article and in one trip. But you can try! Someone needs to go to the Brooklyn Museum or the Metropolitan Opera for this, while someone needs to walk down the street or communicate with people. Everyone here will find a place to their liking.

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