Nick Koenig’s Work Since 2011

Professionally, Nick Koenig is known as “Hot Sugar.” Everyone knows that he is uniquely musical, but he is also a record producer and entrepreneur. He owns the record label, Noise Collector. There are so many other things you can learn about Nick and his music, but not in one article. However, below, you will find some tidbits about him that you may not have known.

His Specialty

Nick specializes in associative music, which records present sounds that listeners have already heard. This is unique to Nick and that is why he is set apart from other artists. When you hear the name “Nick Koenig,” immediately, you associate him with sound. He has adapted this way of creating music from the young age of 13 and continues to perfect it for his listening audience.

His Career

It was 2011 that Nick released his very first EP, which was called “Muscle Milk.” He then followed this with his next project, producing “Sleep,” which was a single collaboration with The Roots. It was featured on the Undun album and received a Grammy nomination as Best Rap Album. Hot Sugar also produced a single for Big Baby Ghandi called “Been a Villian.”

His Accomplishments

Hot Sugar released “Midi Murder” and “Moon Money” in 2012. It featured several Indie rappers on it. He also produced “Barbie Jeep,” which was Kitty’s song in the same year. “Made Man” was another EP that he created and released in 2013. He also compiled an album called “Seductive Nightmares 1.”

In 2014, he created and released the second version of “Seductive Nightmares” using FADER. He created instrumentals for a song he produced previously for other vocalists using BitTorrent.

The next year, 2015, Nick released his first studio album called “God’s Hand.” This particular album showed how dedicated he was to associative music, which is the recording of instruments, unconventional places and found sounds.

A documentary about Koenig was mentioned at the Canadian International Documentary Festival in 2015.  In 2016, Koenig collaborated with Dover Street Market, which is a luxury retail company, designing a collection of limited-edition apparel. It was the same company that hosted Koenig when he released another EP called “Seductive Nightmares 3.”

“Melody Dust” was released in 2017 as a collaboration. In early 2019, Koenig released “Mob Mentality,” which was his fifth EP. Later that year, he released the album, “Life Support.”

Candlelight &Torchlight are two albums that Nick has released in 2020.

An Extensive Bio

As you can see, Nick Koenig has an extensive bio and a successful career. He is still recording and producing music. In fact, his latest one is called “Glass Animals.” Hot Sugar has his creative juices flowing and it has made a tremendous impact on contemporary culture. More