How to Take Care of Bed Comforters

Bed comforters keep us warm and cozy at night. The fluff off bed comforters persuades us to spend most of our days in bed. However, bed comforters can harbor allergens that might affect your sleep. It is essential to know how to take care of your bed comforters to maintain their fluff even when you wash them frequently.  

Know When to Wash

The frequency of washing your bed comforters depends on your preference or the situation. Some suggest laundering bed comforters weekly to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Well, that’s true. However, not all dirt and dust are visible. Thus, to ensure that you are not sleeping on a dirty bed comforter it is best to wash them every two weeks. 


Be sure to check for stains and tears to repair them before washing. 

Pre-treat Stains and Repair Tears

It is frustrating to see your white bed comforter have stains and tears. That’s why it is important to spot-treat or repair them before sending them to the same day laundry delivery service


Pre-treat the bed comforter to avoid the stain from settling into the fabric. Moreover, check the seams or loose threads to avoid your comforter from having any further damage when washed. 

Read the Wash Label

In every laundry you do, the first thing to always check is the wash care label attached to the item. Checking the manufacturer’s instructions prevents you from damaging or shrinking the comforter in the washer. It is important to follow specific instructions or let the professionals at the laundry service handle things. 

Dry the Comforter Thoroughly

It is important to dry the comforter thoroughly. A damp comforter becomes a breeding ground for molds and mildew, resulting in funky odors on the bed comforter. You can use a dryer or line dry the comforter under the sun.


If you choose the dryer, there’s a little trick to ensure that the comforter is evenly dried or not. Add a tennis ball or a down fluffer ring to the load to evenly distribute the filling while drying. Just do not forget to only dry them in circumstances that are suggested on the care label. 

Replace Bed Comforters

After washing your bed comforter, do not immediately use them back. Instead, store them and use a new bed comforter. It is important to give the comforter time to recover. If you always use the bed comforter, it becomes worn and the fluff will be gone. Thus, let it have its time and replace them with a temporary bed comforter.

Final Takeaway

Indeed, bed comforters are the best thing to look forward to when coming home from work. However, it is only comfortable and cozy when cleaned. Wash your bed comforters regularly and properly to ensure it lasts a lifetime with you. Apart from ensuring you have washed and dried the bed comforter efficiently, it is important to ensure that you have stored the comforter correctly. Mistakenly storing a damp bed comforter results in a funky odor. Be careful! A bed comforter is an expensive investment.

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