How to Recover Backup Codes of Two Factor Authentication in Insta?

Logging in with your username and password is not the most secure method of protecting your Instagram account. 2-step/2-factor authentication is undoubtedly the superior solution for safeguarding your Instagram account login.

When you enable 2-factor authentication, the system will need you to input a security code delivered to your phone number, username, and password. As a result, nobody can access your account without your awareness.

However, you may be unable to log in to your Instagram account if you do not have phone access, if you have a phone but did not receive a notification, or if your phone has been damaged or stolen. If you are in such a situation, you can use backup codes to log in. Let’s go through what backup codes are and how to create and recover them.

What is an Instagram recovery code?

An Instagram Recovery Code is a code you can use if you are having trouble connecting to your account using two-factor authentication. The recovery code is usually linked to the identity authentication API for proving or verifying the identity of the people accessing the system. You can still finish the transaction with a recovery code if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication and cannot provide a code due to connectivity or delivery challenges.

Do you know how to receive a list of your account’s recovery codes? To get your recovery codes, open Instagram, touch on your profile image, and follow the instructions below.

How to get a list of recovery codes for your Instagram account

Recover Backup Codes of Two Factor Authentication in Insta

Follow the procedures below to obtain a list of recovery codes for your account:

Step 1: To begin, launch the Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Then, on the bottom right, tap your profile image to access your profile.

Step 3: On the following screen, press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner, then Settings.

Step 4: Go to Security>Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 5: Select Additional Methods>Backup Codes from the menu.

How to generate new backup codes in Web Browser

Recover Backup Codes of Two Factor Authentication in Insta

Log in to Instagram using a web browser. Then proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Profile Picture in the lower right corner.

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Select Privacy and security.

Step 4: Click “Edit Two-Factor Authentication Setting” under Two Factor Authentication.

Step 5: Click Get Backup Codes under Additional Methods.

Step 6: Select Get New Codes

How to Use new Backup Codes on Instagram

Recover Backup Codes of Two Factor Authentication in Insta

You have successfully produced backup codes using the above approach. Let’s have a look at how to put them to use.

Step 1: Log in to Instagram with your username and password.

Step 2: The next screen will prompt you to enter security codes. The “Try another way” text will appear just below the same screen. Click on it.

Step 3: Select backup code

Step 4: Then input any of your previously saved 8-digit backup codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I had forgotten where I had saved my new codes. But I can recall some of my previous codes. Can I continue to use them?

A: There is no need to enter a backup code if you can still receive the SMS security code. Remember that a backup code will only be applied if you did not receive or cannot access your phone. However, if you do, you must include the backup code. The old codes will be automatically canceled if you have previously requested a new list of backup codes. As a result, you must use the newly issued batch of security codes. Additionally, inactive backup codes will not function throughout the authentication login process. As a result, it is recommended to Copy Codes or Take Screenshots after generating your backup codes.

Q: I have more than one Instagram account. Can I use a single phone number for all of the accounts?

A: Remember that the two-factor authentication method only works if your phone number is validated. This number will be linked to only one Instagram account. You can register the phone number for all of your accounts. However, only one Instagram account can be used for authentication.

Q: I’m manually copying my codes. How do the Copy Codes and Take Screenshot features to work?

A: Instagram understands the significance of backup codes. That’s why you should keep them as soon as you obtain them. The Copy Codes function copies your backup codes to the clipboard. You may save and keep them properly by pasting them into your notes, calendar, reminders, or any other program. In comparison, the Take Screenshot function works similarly to a phone screenshot. It also saves the shot image directly to your camera roll. You’ll never have an excuse not to keep or store your codes with this.

Be thankful if you’re having trouble gathering and managing your backup codes and authentication process. It also means that anyone with an evil intention with your account is in the same boat. This is far preferable to jeopardizing your safety and security. Plus, it’s free.


You’ve just learned how to receive fresh Instagram two-factor authentication tokens. We hope this information will assist you in making your Instagram account more secure. Remember to log in to your Instagram account to view the recovery codes or acquire a new list. Significantly, you should copy the codes to your clipboard, take a screenshot of them, or store them in another way to access them when you join Instagram. More