How to Keep Birds Away From Your House?

It’s easy to feel at ease when you see birds soar and hear them sing. But it’s a different story when they’ve infiltrated your home. Fighting birds’ corrosive droppings, their tendency to ruin harvests, or disrupting territorial nesting behavior can be exhausting and hopeless.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do for bird removal. Here are our best tips for keeping birds off your property.

1. Wind Chimes

One of the best ways to keep birds away from your house is to hang wind chimes. These instruments are effective deterrents because they reflect light and create noise. You can hang multiple chimes around the perimeter if your house has a small garden or a patio. Alternatively, you can use reflective bird scare tape. When you use wind chimes to keep birds away from your home, place them away from areas where birds build nests. You want to place them at least thirty feet from nests, so they don’t feel threatened. Also, try to position them in areas with gusty winds and plant trees nearby.

2. Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a great solution for keeping birds away from your house. These spikes can be installed on the outside of your house or on ledges that are as deep as 4 inches. They are made of stainless steel or plastic and are durable enough to last for decades.

These spikes can be a temporary or permanent solution to your bird problems. They are easy to install and blend in with the surface. If you do not want to install them permanently, you can purchase spikes that break apart into smaller pieces.

3. Repellent Spray

A non-toxic liquid bird-repellent spray is a safe and effective way to protect your house from pesky birds. It requires little maintenance and provides maximum protection. This non-toxic liquid spray can be applied outdoors and works to irritate birds by affecting their trigeminal nerve.

4. Scarecrows

For as long as farmers have been farming, one of the best ways to keep birds from eating their crops is to scare them away. It has been done for years by using scarecrows. These are often made of wood beams, buckers, and extra pieces of fabric. They are a great way to scare birds away, but you must put a little extra effort into them.

Scarecrows are great for scaring away birds but must be rotated frequently. A scarecrow with red and yellow decorations can deter birds from visiting your house, but a clown face may not be appropriate for your home.

5. Garlic

Using garlic to repel birds is a natural repellent that is safe and inexpensive. Crushed garlic mixed with water or vinegar is a natural deterrent. However, the spray must be reapplied regularly to maintain its effect. You can also use garlic to keep birds from eating fruit. Birds love the scent of ripe fruit, but garlic spray can mask the odor.

One method of using garlic to keep birds away is to place garlic cloves in areas where birds frequent. You can also purchase garlic oil at a health food store or local grocer. Unfortunately, the smell of garlic is so offensive to birds that they are likely to avoid it. Fortunately, garlic does not remain on a plant long enough to cause harm to other wildlife.

6. Motion-Activated Alarms

Using a motion-activated alarm can be an effective deterrent for birds. These devices send out microwave pulses that bounce off moving objects. However, they are expensive and more susceptible to electrical interference than their wireless counterparts. Also, the sensors need to be installed correctly for maximum coverage.

Motion-activated alarms can work in three modes. The detection mode is preferred, activating when the bird flies into the area. Once the bird leaves, the sensor will turn off. These devices can be mounted on trees or walls and work with reflective or sound-absorbing surfaces. They are not weatherproof or waterproof, but they will keep birds from coming in. More