How Coffee Can Help Keep Your Brain Healthy

Precis: As the title suggests, this article will include all the benefits coffee has for our brain. Not only this, but we will also examine whether refurbished coffee makers are good or not?


Usually, we have heard people drinking coffee to perk up the most tired eyes or stay awake to complete certain tasks. Yes, this is true that coffee assists us in staying awake late at night or when we are working on just 2-3 hours of sleep. But this is not the only benefit that coffee has for us. Coffee does more than just keep us awake.

Most people drink coffee to satisfy their taste buds. This is why coffee has paved its way to becoming one of the most popular drinks. For some, it’s the morning beverage; for some, it’s the afternoon pick-me-up drink, and for some, it’s the part of the evening kitty party. Also, coffee is the night friend for some as it helps them be vigilant enough to complete their tasks. So, no matter when it is drunk, it has proven to be a good friend of everyone.

Although health professionals have warned us about the ills of caffeine and coffee, it seems that present-day research has mostly turned the wave to coffee’s positive benefits. Several studies have inspected its effect on your health, both immediate and in the long term.

As aforesaid, it has turned out to be a friend of everyone only if it is consumed in moderate amount.

So, to know the benefits of the best healthy coffee, read along.


Best Healthy Coffee’s Benefits For Brain


  • Dawadles the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease

A study found that the older people who were initially tested with mild cognitive impairment were less likely to develop full-blown Alzheimer’s disease. Because they had high caffeine in their blood (equivalent to approximately 3 cups of coffee) compared to those with low blood caffeine amounts. The last test was done two to four years after the initial test.


  • Prevents Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain illness that leads to stiffness, shaking, difficulty with balance and coordination, and walking. Coffee acts like medicine for those who are likely to develop the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or for those who already have it. It even assists the ones who have the disease. Best healthy coffee also helps with the movement symptoms like tremors.


  • Live Longer

Those who desire to live long can start consuming coffee in a moderate amount. But remember, too much can be bad for health. A study involving 400,000 older adults revealed that the coffee-free men lived 10% less than the men who drank two cups of coffee in a day. Among women, this percentage was even higher. The caffeine lover women lived 13% longer than their caffeine-free peers.


  • Prevents Dementia

Dementia is not a specific single disease. It is the group of conditions that involves the impairment of at least 2 brain functions, such as judgment and memory loss. Its symptoms include limited social skills, forgetfulness, and weakened thinking abilities that start interfering with daily functioning.

An animal experiment study revealed by NCIB ( National Center for Biotechnological Information) stated that caffeine could disrupt adenosine. Adenosine is a cell chemical that starts a chain reaction which further leads to the disruption in the functioning of neurons neurodegeneration and eventually leads to dementia.


  • Best Source of Neuroprotective Antioxidants

Wondering how antioxidants are helpful to our brain? Once antioxidants get absorbed in the blood and are transported into the brain, they prevent oxidative stress to brain cells. This is crucial because the adult brain virtually stops replacing dying or dead neurons.

Things like pomegranates and blueberries are often touted for their antioxidant content, and it rolls out that a cup of coffee is brimming with antioxidants. Research has found that coffee is the most admired source of antioxidants.


These are the five major benefits that the best healthy coffee offers to a human being. However, we always stay in the dilemma of how a cup of coffee can do wonders with the health of our brain. To solve the confusing state of your mind, check below, as we will further discuss how coffee works with brain cells.


How Caffeine Affects Our Brain


Coffee has many ingredients to become the best healthy coffee, but it’s the caffeine that boosts our brain function. This ingredient blocks adenosine. Adenosine is the inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that makes us feel sleepy.

To be more precise, caffeine affects the CNS (Central Nervous System) in many ways. The effects of coffee stem from the way the ingredient named caffeine interacts with adenosine receptors. Neurons in our brain have specific receptors to which adenosine can attach. When adenosine bind to those receptors, it hampers the tendency of neurons to fire. This leads to slow neural activity. Adenosine normally escalates during the day and gradually makes you tired when it’s time to go to sleep.

Now, it’s time to know how caffeine acts on our brains.

Adenosine and caffeine have a similar structure. So, when caffeine is present in our brain, it competes with the adenosine by not binding it to the same receptors. Caffeine prevents you from getting sleepy as it doesn’t dawdle the firing of your neurons like adenosine does. Instead, it averts the adenosine from creeping down the neural activity.

This is why it is said that caffeine promotes the Central Nervous System stimulation that makes you feel alert.


So far, we have covered the benefits of the best healthy coffee and how the caffeine in coffee works on our brain cells. But, caffeine is not the only active ingredient of coffee. There are many other biologically active ingredients of coffee. To take a glance at those ingredients, check the below-mentioned list.



Biologically Active Ingredients In Coffee


Coffee is a healthy beverage packed with many active compounds, including chlorogenic acid, caffeine, cafestol, trigonelline, and kahweol. All these compounds together contribute to the potentially powerful health benefits. Many of these elements are antioxidants that fight the damage caused by the danger-free radicals in your cells.


So, let’s now check the coffee’s most important active compounds.


  • Caffeine: It is the main ingredient of coffee. And, as aforesaid, it stimulates the CNS.
  • Cafestol and Kahweol: This compound is found in coffee’s natural oil and is present in high amounts in unfiltered coffee.
  • Chlorogenic Acids: Polyphenol antioxidants benefit biological pathways like high blood pressure and blood sugar metabolism.
  • Trigonelline: This is an alkaloid compound that is unstable at high heat. It forms vitamin B3 while roasting, also known as nicotinic acid, aka niacin.


The amounts of these elements may vary in a cup of coffee.


Now that we are familiar with the benefits, how coffee does wonders on our brain, and the active compounds of coffee, it is finally time to know whether refurbished coffee makers are good or bad.


Refurbished Coffee Makers


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