Best Ice Cream Shops in Singapore to Beat the Heat

In Singapore’s overcast days, the best way to beat the heat is to visit one of the country’s ice cream shops. These small and cozy establishments sell delicious treats that you can indulge in without breaking the bank. In addition to the classic ice cream flavors, Quaint also serves up a range of sweet and savory options. There’s even a cafe where you can sip a coffee or tea while you sip on an icy treat.

Birds of Paradise

Another ice cream cafe favorite among Instagrammers is Birds of Paradise. This ice cream shop offers a variety of delicate floral flavors, including chrysanthemum and pandan. You can also indulge in its signature thyme cone. While it’s difficult to top this ice cream cafe in Singapore, you’ll find that you’ll want to revisit it.

Soft & Fluffy Pandanus Sundae

For the most delectable ice cream, head to Birds of Paradise. Known as an Instagram hot spot, this ice cream cafe is famous for its soft and fluffy pandanus sundae. The colorful paddle pop-Esque Bing Bong ($3.90) is an excellent option for the whole family. It’s easy to find a nearby Apiary, which can deliver your icy treat islandwide for a small fee.

Affordable Prices

The latest addition to the ice cream scene in Singapore is Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee. Located at Bishan’s bus interchange, Creamier has served locals since 2011. The company’s mission is to serve quality ice cream at affordable prices to people who live and work in the area. The artisanal ice cream is made in small batches and uses the finest ingredients available globally.

If you’re looking for boozy ice cream, head to the heartlands of Kovan and Telok Blangah. This ice cream spot churns out artisanal sorbets in small batches and offers vegan and alcoholic ice cream. While there are other ice cream shops in Singapore, you should head to Birds of Paradise for its exquisite collection of floral sundaes.

Bishan’s Bus Interchange

The island’s popular Birds of Paradise ice cream shop is a popular spot for Instagram photos. With a selection of delicate floral flavors, it’s a perfect place to cool off and beat the heat. The cafĂ© is located near Bishan’s bus interchange. Located on a busy street, it’s easy to reach by foot. It’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member with you when you go out to enjoy ice cream.

Local Ice Cream Cafes or Order Online

There are many ice cream shops in Singapore. You can take your pick from a wide range of local ice cream cafes or order online. The boozy ones are located in the bus interchanges. The savory flavors are available at Danzy Gelato. Besides ice cream, you can also find a selection of savory and alcoholic desserts.

Late-Night Snack

The tropical theme of Danzy Gelato Cafe makes it an ideal destination for ice cream lovers. Its ice creams are served in a variety of unique flavors. Apart from ice-creams, Danzy Gelato also offers a wide range of non-dairy and boozy ice-creams. The two-story ice cream cafes are a good choice for a late-night snack.

While there are many ice cream shops in Singapore, few stand out as a favorite for locals. However, ice cream is a dessert and a delicious way to beat the heat. In Singapore, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to dessert. From boozy ice cream to non-dairy gelato, several ice cream shops to choose from. The boozy ones are not only a must-try but you’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re out for lunch.


The Neil Road Apiary has 18 flavors. The Honey flavor has bee pollen and cacao nibs, while the Blue Milk ice cream is layered and flavored with blue pea flower and sea salt. You’ll find something for everyone here. At the Apiary, a vegan-friendly option, the most exciting ice cream is the chocolate one. For the kids, there are also vegan and nut-free varieties to choose from here.